Brand Awareness

  • We are well known in an unknown space
  • NANO is one of the most searched medical devices in the U.S.
  • We understand how to reach the market

Leading Customer Service

  • We have great, seasoned agents
  • Their 5-star ratings, sales conversion rates, and instant availability proves their excellence

Consumer-focused Product Curation and Selection

  • NANO procures the best available products for the price point for its customers
  • We start with the consumer and work backward for product solutions
  • NANO listens to consumers, then acts

Strong Value

  • We provide maximum value to the consumer
  • NANO’s pricing, pricing symmetry, and 24/7 customer service result in maximum consumer value
  • We provide similar hearing aid benefits and technology as aids selling for >$5,000

Stigma-Defying Branding

  • We know how to speak to consumers
  • NANO approaches these consumers differently
  • We defy ageism and condescension of the elderly with recognition of their wish to live out loud

Marketing Expertise

  • NANO has been providing direct-to-consumer solutions for more than 5 years, not 5 weeks
  • NANO fine-tunes broad marketing mix levers daily.
  • NANO employs advanced analytics