Hearing at Home LLC is a multi-branded, direct-to-consumer leader in hearing devices.

Our vision is to disrupt and reshape the legacy hearing aid market through a disciplined focus on the consumer value proposition by eliminating the pain points. Our brands are top of mind for the tens of millions of consumers of all ages who are underserved by the hearing aid industry of today.

"Only 3 of 10 consumers in need have effective treatment today."
Fortune Business

Insights predicts the U.S. hearing aids market size is projected to grow to $6 billion by 2029.

Macro forces are causing this large addressable market to further expand due to a louder daily life, heavier sound consumption at younger ages, earlier onset of hearing loss, the waning of in-ear device stigma, technological advances, and consumers’ at-home access.

Legacy hearing aid manufacturers for 5 decades have defended their ultra-high margins and narrow sales channel. The result has been high prices, long lead times, monopolistic market conditions, and very low household penetration.

A new era is dawning.

Hearing at Home LLC is leading a revolutionary change to help millions of unserved consumers. The value we create accrues to them. To realize that objective, Hearing At Home will build advantaged brands, embrace emerging technologies, and existentially seek strategic partners.

Hear. Feel. Live.